Maarten van Steen

People who want to get in touch often do not properly read how to contact me. Please do.

I hold the position of full professor at the University of Twente, and particularly that of scientific director of  CTIT, the ICT-research institute of the university.

Short bio

I studied Applied Mathematics at the University of Twente, and obtained an MSc in 1983. My field of study was combinatorial optimization and notably graph theory. In 1988 I was awarded a Ph.D. in computer science from Leiden University, where I researched modeling operating systems (and actually built something close to the real thing). After my graduation, I spent approximately five years working for TNO research, and switched back to academic life in 1993 (Erasmus University Rotterdam), to join VU Amsterdam in 1994 as an assistant professor. I was appointed full professor in 2002, and became head of the Computer Science department in 2010 and remained so until moving to the University of Twente in 2015.

You can find more on my research, publications, (previous) teaching, and textbook writing elsewhere. Next to this fun stuff, I now lead a busy (research management) life as scientific director of CTIT, but also as chair of IPN, a national platform representing all academic ICT research in The Netherlands.


  • In November 2013, we attempted to write a book in five days, on adaptive collective systems. In the end, it's more of a (long) position paper, beautifully published. Check it out.
  • I made a small video on how I see the future of Computer Sciences. It's also on YouTube. There's work to do.
  • NEW! Pearson Education has returned the copyrights for our Distributed Systems book. That means we're making it available for (free) downloads. A 3rd edition is nearing its completion.
Maarten van Steen

A device you don't understand is not by definition intelligent


Published on  October 21st, 2016